About San Diego Brewskis Bar & Arcade

Brewskis is a bar & arcade which was established in 2010. Brewskis Bar & Arcade began with a dream, hardwork, determination and faith. It started as a small dive bar in San Diego. Back then it had only a few arcade games and was located in a small building. With years of hardwork and dedication, the bar has now transformed into a full blown arcade, bar.

When customers who patronized the bar in 2010 walk into San Diego Brewskis now, they can see the major change that has taken place.

At San Diego Brewskis, customers can enjoy a variety of arcade games ranging from video games to racing games and pinball games. Our games are all functional with amazing graphics, seats and sounds which provides players with optimum experience. Customers who come to celebrate at San Diego Brewskis and also want a fun-filled experience at the bar can enjoy the amusement arcade. Playing games at the arcade is also very affordable, so customers can play as much times as they want.

Brewskis Bar & Arcade provides a wide variety of American style food made by skilled chefs for customers to enjoy. At the bar we serve burgers, hotdogs, seafood, sandwiches, tacos, burritos, chicken and much more. We offer very affordable food that is both delicious and made with quality ingredients. For personal outings or celebrations, our chefs are set to prepare the best meals.

We also serve a variety of drinks at our bar ranging from cocktails to beers. At Brewskis, we have over 30 different drinks which customers can enjoy both personally and for celebrations.
At Brewskis Bar & Arcade, we also host private events from birthday parties to wedding rehearsals, receptions, prom parties, business parties, sport celebrations and other private events. The bar provides great services to host events with efficient staffs and a wide space for accommodating guests. The arcade also makes a great entertainment for any events.
Brewskis offers great staff services. Over the years the staffs have grown as well as the business. The staffs know exactly what to do and how to go about with their duties. Our number of staffs are also enough to ensure that no one is left unattended at our restaurant. At San Diego Brewskis it is our top priority that you get the best experience not just in food and games, but also in customer service. For private events, the staff are ready to work with you to make your event exactly how you want.

We at San Diego Brewskis Bar & Arcade work hard to make sure we keep evolving and meeting up with all the needs of our customers. Our aim is to be your go-to bar. The bar where you can come to with friends and family for relaxation, for fun, to eat great food, drink great beers and cocktails, and watch games. A place where you can be certain to get the best of everything.
San Diego Brewskis Bar and Arcade is located on 8670 Miramar Rd. San Diego, CA 92126. For more information, call (858) 586-0540.