Game List

For lovers of action, casual, sports, strategy or role playing games, we have video games in our arcade which will definitely excite you. For action games we have fighting games, shooting games and so on. For casual games you can enjoy our party video games, puzzle games and arcade quiz games. The sport games include baseball video games, football games, golf games and volleyball video games. Our strategy games are one of our best in the arcade. You can play for artillery video games, battle arena games and chess video games. Our video arcade games are fully functional with great visuals and sounds which will make you enjoy the entire gaming experience better. You can enjoy these games with your friends and family.

Free play games

Street fighter
Mortal Kombat 2
Area 51/Max Force
Daytona USA dual player
Carn evil
Big buck hunter
Gauntlet legend (dark legacy)
Rampage Work tour
Ms Pacman

All the rest are pay games

Pacman royal 4 player
Air hockey
3 pool tables
Beer pong 360
Guardians of the galaxy
Batman 66
Attack from mars
Midevel madness
terminator 2
Iron Maiden
Star Wars

The owner of Brewskis and his daughter are both lovers of arcade games hence the arcade is made to appeal to all arcade lovers. In the arcade, there are also pinball games where you can score points by maneuvering one or more steel balls on a pinball table. If you play pinball on your phone, a visit to Brewskis Bar & Arcade will give you a chance to play it on a real table. Classic pinball games like The Pinball Arcade, Humpty Dumpty and Revenge from Mars are available at Brewskis.

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Do you have a birthday party, company event or any other private event to host? Are you are seeking a great and memorable place to host these events? Brewskis Bar & Arcade on Miramar near Mira Mesa is the best place for you. At Brewskis we truly have a one of a kind venue filled with classic arcade games all on free-play.

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