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Private events

Do you have a birthday party, company event or any other private event to host? Are you are seeking a great and memorable place to host these events? Brewskis Bar & Arcade on Miramar near Mira Mesa is the best place for you. At Brewskis we truly have a one of a kind venue filled with classic arcade games all on free-play.

Whatever the private event is, if you seek a fun filled venue to host your event, Brewskis would love to host it with great service, games, food and drinks.

Food and drinks

Brewskis Bar & Arcade has all inclusive packages with a delightful chef crafted menu and top bar selection. At the bar you and your guests can feast on tasty appetizers, burgers and hot dogs, sandwiches, seafood, burritos, tacos, chicken and other delightful meals. The bar’s option of drinks will definitely appeal to you and your guests. From cocktails to beers, we have you covered.


The venue is also one of a kind, filled with a variety of classic arcade games. You definitely want to have another source of entertainment for your guests after eating. Our classic arcade games which are on free play will keep your guests fully entertained. You don’t have to worry about your guests getting bored during your celebration. The arcade games provide colorful lights and sounds which keeps the atmosphere exciting. It also keeps your event interactive, creating a memorable experience for everyone.


For services, Brewskis Bar & Arcade provides you with the best services for your event. Our staff are well experienced with private events so whatever event you are hosting, and whatever kind of services you require will be provided to you. Our chefs are also top notch and will prepare the best meals which you and your guests will love. You can also customize your own event package by choosing your drinks and food menu, arrangement and decorations.


Brewskis Bar & Arcade provides you with enough space to host your guests. Either to play games in the arcade or to sit and enjoy your meals, you don’t have to worry about your guests bumping into each other or into our staff. The space at the bar is convenient for you to have a great event.

At Brewskis Bar & Arcade, we are always available for your event. Our aim is to give you full satisfaction during your private event with a zero stress, fun filled and memorable event.

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